Black Lives Matter

Dear reign_wala Community,

reign_wala is committed to building a brand and a business that is as diverse as the world itself. In case there was ever a question about where reign_wala stands, let us be clear: Black Lives Matter.

When we started this company, we made a commitment to our community of makers, team members and customers: that we would inspire us all to feel more connected to each other, and to the world, by illuminating the lifestyles and cultures behind the products we make and buy. In doing that, we have curated a beautifully diverse community of people (that's you) who take pride in celebrating the world's cultures. That means celebrating and inspiring people of all shapes, faiths and races.

Our commitment to diversity & inclusion extends far beyond today. It is lifelong. As our business grows, we are committed to building a diverse team, working with diverse creators and doing everything we can to have our brand reflect the level of diversity and inclusion we dream of for the world. 

We are supporting the Black Lives Matter movement in many ways big and small, ranging from making calls and signing petitions to making donations and marching in solidarity.  We know that you, too are committed to taking action. 

We hope that if you are able, you have made a donation to an organization that supports the Black Lives Matter movement. Additionally, we urge you to support Black-owned businesses. That's why we're offering 10% off your entire order when you DM us your receipt showing your support.

Here's a helpful resource to keep on hand as you continue to be part of the change for good. Remember: we are an incredibly powerful community!

People of all shapes, faiths and races: reign_wala loves you.


allie dietzek, Founder