Random Act of Kindness

Don't have a specific essential worker in mind? We'll choose a bracelet and an essential worker to gift on your behalf. There are plenty of healthcare workers, sanitation workers, grocery store cashiers and other hard-working individuals who will be thrilled to receive your unexpected gift!

1. Simply reply to the email you just received with the words "Random Act of Kindness." If you'd like to add an uplifting message for the essential worker, you may include it in the email. Maximum two sentences.

2. We'll choose a bracelet, and an essential worker to gift it to.

3. You'll receive an email once the bracelet has been gifted.

The bracelet will be given to the giftee in a small pouch with reign_wala's business card, your message if you included one, and the following note about this initiative:

"Hi there!

The reign_wala community is celebrating the power of hard-working hands by decorating an essential worker's hand (that's you!) with every order, and sharing 15% of profits with our artisan partners in India. This handmade bracelet has been gifted to you on behalf of [Buyer's FirstName and LastInitial]'s recent purchase. We hope rocking this bling on your wrist puts a smile on your face.