Dear reign_wala community,

While the Coronavirus pandemic was sweeping the US in February of this year, we were in India creating our new collections. We managed to ship most of our new pieces back to the US just in time — because before we knew it, we were locked inside India due to the country's nationwide lockdown.

We've documented the local experience in India, to give you a window into how this unprecedented situation is affecting local work and life. Now that we're back at our NYC hq, we can truly say we have witnessed firsthand the impact on our artisan partners, our customers, and our own business.

reign_wala can't be in physical retail spaces right now. That's a pretty big challenge for us, since real-life spaces are where we do most of our business. So we decided to flip that challenge on its head.

If we're not incurring some of our typical business expenses — like retail space, transportation and market staff — then we can significantly increase our profit-sharing threshold and put those dollars directly into the hands of our artisan partners in India.

And, we're able to enjoy the privilege of running our NYC-based business online, because essential workers here in our home country are working around the clock to keep us and our customers healthy and safe.

If you already know reign_wala, you already know this: hands are absolutely essential to our business. They're a big part of the motivation for our mission, and a major inspiration for many of our products. 

Each of us in the reign_wala community — artisans, customers, staff — is affected differently by the current global pandemic. But one thing continues to unite us: the power of hard-working hands. 

That's why we've launched ESSENTIAL HANDS. To honor hard-working hands — the ones that make our coveted pieces, and the ones that keep us healthy and safe while we sell them — with a program that celebrates their essential work both abroad and at home.

We're proud to call it our most badass, most generous, most smile-inducing initiative yet. 

Get involved, help us spread the word, and let's put smiles on faces around the world!

May Essential Hands Reign,

allie dietzek & the reign_wala crew