DreamLighter 9/40

DreamLighter 9/40

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The DreamLighter is a re-imagination of the everyday lighter conceptualized by Indian artisan Sunny K.

To make the DreamLighter, we order Clipper lighters from Spain and have them shipped to Pushkar, India where our family of artisans transforms each and every piece by hand. First, we fully encase each lighter in fimo clay. Then, we use fimo clay to adorn the lighters with hand-picked brass pendants and a variety of semi-precious stones. Look closely and you just may see your artisan’s fingerprints in the clay.

Each lighter is part of our 40-piece collection. Since each pendant, ornament and stone is different, each and every piece is unique. No two pieces are or ever will be the same.

Please note that encasing is not removable. The DreamLighter is not a lighter case — it is a fully functional refillable butane lighter. Lighter fluid refills are available on Amazon, which means you can keep and use this incredibly special piece forever.

DreamLighters are available at our pop-ups for $18 (comes pre-filled with lighter fluid) or can be ordered online for $26 (price includes one full 1.48oz can of lighter fluid and shipping via USPS to anywhere in the continental USA). 

Please direct questions or special requests to allie@reignwala.com.