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"Internet Day"

Today is "internet day." I have my internet to-do list, which is everything that requires WiFi, Bluetooth, streaming, connecting, banking, downloading, soundclouding, spotifying, emailing, syncing, shazaming, whatevering. #Blogging? (It's been almost two weeks since I've had solid internet, so... over the course of the past two weeks, I did write a post which ended up being very, very long... I finished it about a week ago, but never got to post it because Internet is not a thing here.  If you have 15 minutes and you want to travel back in time one week with me, here it is :) ) So. Some tiny 'stories' from the road. 1. India is unearthly.  It has gotten inside my soul in a way that...

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A Guest in Your Home is God.

(Happy birthday Lizzie Dietzek!!!  I am here in the future -- 10:09PM -- and I can promise you this day is a great one.) There is a daddy long legs in the bathroom. He's been in there for the past 3 days. He is well within my reach but I don't have the heart to kill him. So each time before I enter the bathroom, I just scan the room for him so I know where he is (versus he accidentally crawls on me and I freak out and kill him). And then I basically stare at him the entire time I'm in the bathroom and just make sure he isn't suddenly on me. When I get creeped out by...

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post number one: Keep Calm and Carry-on

Well this is awkward... I'm blogging. Weh-hellllcome to my blog.  I shall call it, 'Keep Calm and Carry-on."  So I guess it's been a tiring six years since college because I managed to sleep throughout the entire 10-hour flight to Moscow and then again for the entire 6-hour flight to Delhi.  Picture above taken during my 4 waking hours in the Moscow airport.  And then I slept a full night's sleep only 3 hours after landing.  But yea, feelin good!  I still cannot believe I am in India and that this is happening.  Is this happening?  This is happening. So with that, good evening from Gurgaon, a 'suburb' of Delhi.  Ranjitha, my friend from co:, connected me with her in-laws...

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