reign_wala = may the maker reign.

reign_wala is a new kind of lifestyle brand. We don't prescribe a particular lifestyle. We just aim to enrich the lives of our customers and improve the lifestyles of our makers.

we find artisans in developing countries and collaborate with them to make killer products for our customers.  Products that our customers love so much, they become a part of their identities. We act as a window into artisans’ local lifestyles throughout the entire process, illuminating how our artisan partners live and how they expertly hand-make the goods. And we share profit with our artisan partners (aka our walas), because we believe that offering products that fit beautifully into a customer’s lifestyle should also benefit the maker’s lifestyle.

This belief is in our name. “Wala” is derived from sanskrit and loosely means “the person who makes the thing,” like the suffix “-smith,” in English (think of a locksmith or a silversmith). “To reign” means to have power and to prosper.

Our profit-sharing model enables us to double the wala's wage in their local market and we're hustling to increase this even more as we grow. Profits are paid in cash and are hand-delivered directly to artisans.

By operating at the intersection of the developed world and the developing world, and by serving as both a bridge and a window between the two, we are able to do two things really well:

1) give walas access to a global marketplace in which they would not otherwise participate, and 

2) give customers access to highly unique, expertly-handmade, desirable products that would not otherwise exist — and a highly authentic view into the lifestyles of the people who made them. 

We believe (and we think you do, too) that no matter how opposite our lifestyles may be, we're all more alike than we are different. reign_wala fosters this belief by creating a value exchange between walas and customers that brings us all closer to each other and to the world we share.