How We Work

How do you find local artisans?
Our founder travels to developing countries and spends hundreds of hours in marketplaces and small villages to identify artisans with amazing designs or artisans with amazing resources that we can partner with to co-design.

Who designs the stuff?
Our macrame designs are a collaboration between our artisans and our founder. In many cases, our artisan partners propose designs which we adjust or fine-tune to make them perfect for our customers. In some cases, our founder proposes designs which our artisan partners adjust in order to make them feasible to produce.
Our silk collection is entirely designed by our founder and tailored by our artisan partners.
Our DreamLighter collection and our Hairstick collection are entirely designed by our artisan partners.

How do you deliver the profits in cash?
Our founder travels to our artisans’ home countries to complete the profit deliveries. Since some our artisan partners are in remote villages, in some cases, our founder may deliver the lump sum profit to one artisan who distributes it to the broader team of artisans. In all cases, deliveries are documented on video.

How much profit is shared with your artisan partners?
Reign_wala practices fair trade by compensating our artisan partners with a generous rate for making each piece. Our artisan partners are compensating for creating our pieces, regardless of whether or not they sell. On top of this, reign_wala operates a profit-sharing model, meaning we also share profits with our artisan partners after goods are sold. Our profit payments are not a percentage of sales but rather a flat fee per piece that doubles the artisan's wage for making that pieces. We're hustling to increase this even more as we grow!

Which countries are your collections from?
At present, all of our artisans are based in India. We are looking forward to expanding to other developing countries in the near future.

Do reign_wala goods ever go on sale?
We don’t do traditional “sales,” but we do have offers shared exclusively with the members of our Instagram and Email tribe.
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