Silk Sarees Transformed Into Treasures

We collect sarees from all over India to create a variety of clothing styles that complement your wardrobe and your lifestyle.

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Meet the Makers

Our silk clothing is made in partnership with a workshop in Pushkar, India. The workshop is owned by three brothers: Jitesh, Lalit and Kamlesh Rankawat, who employ Jitesh’s son Murli along with a team of 22 tailors that expertly cut and sew our garments. These are just a few of them.
The workshop team receives 15% profit from every garment sold.

  • Trilok

  • Ratan

  • Veeru

  • Rakesh

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Embrace the handmade

Using recycled material means we get to practice responsible, sustainable fashion AND create one-of-a-kind, 85-100% silk garments for a great price. It also means embracing imperfections, like a small mark or sign of wear from the saree’s previous owner. We use our best judgment when creating each garment to avoid placing a mark in a highly noticeable area. We encourage you to celebrate these little characteristics of your piece, as they are quite literally the receipts we get for doing something good for the world.

The story behind

One of a kind

Did you know that each saree is just one enormous piece of material? We use both the main print of the saree and the accent print of the saree (called the pallu) to create exciting, one-of-a-kind print combinations for each piece. Saree prints are asymmetrical, and since one saree typically yields only one or two garments, no two pieces are exactly the same.