Meet The Silkwear Collection by reign_wala — a range of free-slowing styles that strike just the right balance between functional, comfortable and sexy.

Our Silkwear collection is made in close partnership with a workshop in Pushkar, Rajasthan, India with whom we share profit. We make the entire collection from recycled Indian sarees, collecting scraps of these silks from all over the country and turning them each into a garment. No two garments are the same! 

Our newest collection will be available for sale as soon as production in India can resume. The collection includes a new round of our GOOD KARMA Dusters, our ZOONI Trousers, and our SHIVA Playsuits. If you'd like to participate in our ESSENTIAL HANDS initiative, but want to wait for the silks, consider purchasing a gift card to be used when the collection arrives.

For more details on our silk pieces, including the artisans who make them, the full production process, and the way our tribe styles them, check out our Silkwear Details page and our Insta stories.