Macramé Jewelry

Meet our beautiful collection of macrame jewelry. Casual and elevated; playful and sophisticated; friendly and edgy; familiar and unique; this collection is ageless, genderless and works with every personal style. 

Our macrame collection is made in collaboration with Indian artisan Sunny K.

In 2015, reign_wala founder allie dietzek met Sunny while traveling in India and proposed the idea of bringing his designs to customers around the world. Fast forward to 2018 and reign_wala was born with Sunny as our first featured artisan. Today, Sunny has taught a small team of artisans how to hand-make his designs. These artisans are boys, girls, men and women, ranging in age from 11 years old to 40 years old.  

In this collection you’ll find bracelets, anklets, footlets, necklaces, chokers, headdresses and handdresses, all 100% handmade by Sunny’s team in Rajasthan, India. Sunny and Allie work closely together on each design and colorway.

Each piece is hand-knotted using hand-dyed, waxed nylon string. You’ll see that some of our pieces feature brass charms – and even the charms are handmade! Each charm is created by pouring liquefied brass into a mold the shape of the charm (imagine an ice cube tray). Once cooled, charms are popped out of the mold and hand-brushed clean. Our brass contains no nickel, so it will never tarnish or turn your skin green. All pieces have an adjustable closure. They're also totally safe for oceans and showers.

Did you know that macrame cannot be done by a machine? It must be made by hand, making the resulting pieces that much more covetable.

Pieces in this collection take between four and twelve hours to make. We know you’ll love the style, durability, quality and uniqueness of each piece.