The Good Karma Duster — East River Flow

Meet The GOOD KARMA Duster: a unisex, 100% silk, show-stopping, kimono-style piece with airy vibes and roomy sleeves. It makes the outfit. It is the outfit.

Every duster is made from a recycled silk saree that we've hand-selected from piles of thousands in India. One recycled saree typically yields one reign_wala garment, so no two Dusters are, or ever will be, the same. In our brand new collection, there is truly a piece for everyone. Find yours!

Styling inspo:

  • Rock it over jeans or shorts with a solid tank/tee or a fitted long-sleeve
  • Throw it over a bathing suit on the beach
  • Dress it up with a belt and killer shoes
  • Wear it as a robe while being comfy at home
  • Add it to your Festival / Burning man wardrobe
  • It's so easy and breathable, you'll find even more ways to wear it

Keeping it real:

  • We share 15% of the profits from your new Duster with our artisan partners in the town of Pushkar, India.
  • All Dusters are 100% Silk. There are seven different kinds of silk, so textures vary slightly from piece to piece.
  • Using recycled material means we get to practice responsible, sustainable fashion AND create one-of-a-kind, 100% silk garments for a great price. It also means embracing imperfections, like a small mark or sign of wear. We use our best judgment when creating each garment to avoid placing a mark in a highly noticeable area. We encourage you to celebrate these little characteristics of your piece, as they are quite literally the receipts we get to show off for doing something amazing in the world.
  • Measurements may vary from piece to piece by up to 1"

No matter how you rock it, your Good Karma Duster is going to feel delicious and create conversation wherever you go. Don't say we didn't warn you. :)