Find Your Flow

We've never really been down with "sizes." They're, like, totally inaccurate. S/M/L/? Really? We're not into it. So instead we're offering 3 different fits, which we're calling Flows. The EAST RIVER Flow, the HUDSON RIVER Flow and the GANGA RIVER Flow are each designed to feel awesome on range of body shapes, and between the three Flows we'll have measurements inclusive of everyone who wants to rock reign_wala.
  • The Flow that works best for you depends on your desired level of flowiness. You might feel comfortable in more than one Flow, depending on the look and feel you're going for!
  • At present our Silkwear Collection is available in the EAST RIVER Flow. If you've previously purchased a Duster or a Playsuit, this Flow has the same measurements as your current piece. See photo below for measurements.
  • Coming soon: The HUDSON RIVER Flow and the GANGA RIVER Flow. These 2 new Flows have more room in the arms and across the back for even more flowiness. We need customers to try on the samples of these Flows so we can get the fits right before producing the full collections. If you're down, email or DM us with the subject line FLOW SAMPLES.

Pictured below: The Good Karma Duster in the EAST RIVER Flow.

Need help finding your flow? Let us know and we'll be happy to help.