Silkwear Collection details

Meet The Silkwear Collection by reign_wala — a range of free-flowing styles that strike just the right balance between functional, comfortable and sexy.

Our Silkwear collection is made in close partnership with a workshop in Pushkar, Rajasthan, India with whom we share profit. See the entire making process and meet the silk-walas we work with

We make the entire collection from recycled Indian sarees. No two garments are the same.

To choose our prints, we work with experts in Pushkar, India who collect sarees from all over the country. These experts sort these re-claimed sarees by material (ours are silk) and then clean and dry them for re-use. Our founder sorts through piles of thousands and thousands of these sarees to pick only the most fabulous prints with the most yummy textures.

A saree is a women's garment from India that consists of one piece of fabric varying from fifteen to twenty-seven feet in length and two to four feet in width that is typically wrapped around the waist, with one end draped over the shoulder, baring the midriff.  It's one piece of material, usually silk. Since each saree is so large, when sarees aren't bought in stores they are shipped all over india to be scavenged, cut up and transformed into every kind of garment you can imagine. It was important to us at reign_wala that we use these reclaimed sarees instead of shopping from brand new rolls of fabric. (Because, the environment.)

Did you know sarees are not printed symmetrically? There's a dominant print which covers most of the saree. Then there's a "down border" on only one end, which is usually a different but complementary print and covers about 20% of the saree. And then there's a perimeter border. Each saree can yield 1-2 pieces but because of the way the different parts of the saree must be cut in order to make trousers and kimonos, it is impossible to make two pieces that are identical. 

Sizing & Fit: we call our sizing "flow size." Flow Sizes are designed to fit a broad range of shapes and sizes. We currently offer Flow Size 1 (roughly XS — S/M) and Flow Size 2 (roughly M — L). We are working on Flow Size 3* (roughly L and beyond).

These silk pieces are incredibly easy to wear. Dress them up for a professional environment by adding heels or a half-tucked button-down. Dress them down for the beach with a bathing suit. Rock them around the city or the burbs with a tee and sneakers. Thoughtful details (like the materials and length) make them both beautiful and practical – they're sexy but modest, they won't drag on the floor, and the fast-drying silk makes them just as perfect for running out in the rain as they are for tropical environments.

*As of April 2020, we have cut samples for Flow Size 3 (roughly L and beyond) and need customers to try them on and help us perfect the fit before we produce the full collection. If you think you'd go for Flow Size 3, and would like to help us get the fit right, please email with subject line Flow Size 3 and include your location. We'll get back to you as soon as possible!