The Everywhere Bag details

Meet The Everywhere Bag by reign_wala: the chicest, most functional, most comfortable bag ever. Like all of reign_wala's products, The Everywhere Bag is 100% handmade, and shares profits from its sales with its maker.

The Everywhere Bag was designed in collaboration with leather-wala Ganesh Das. Ganesh has been making leather bags with help from his wife Bina for 18 years in the tiny beach village of Arambol, India. To make our collections, we visit Ganesh and work directly alongside him. The Everywhere Bag is made from recycled leather. In many cases, our found leather scraps can make only one bag, so no two pieces are identical.

What makes it "the best bag EVER"? The Everywhere Bag was made to be worn — wait for it — everywhere.  Customer reviews for this piece include sentiments like "I literally LIVE in this bag" and "I am obsessed with it, I need another one as soon as you get more."

We created this collection because we wanted to offer a bag for the everyday adventurer that felt both premium and practical. A bag that could easily fit the essentials and then some, without looking like extra baggage. A bag that would be mega-comfy for all-day wear, and still mega-chic after sundown. The result is The Everywhere Bag: a bag so versatile we had to put "everywhere" in its name.  

Check out the CURRENT MISSION, LEATHER and MAKING OF story highlights on our Insta to see the making process and meet the Ganesh, our leatherwala! Check out our IGTV for a full demo of everything you can fit inside this bag and all the ways to wear it.

As you shop the collection, a few things to keep in mind:

  • All bags are 100% handmade from reclaimed camel leather
  • Camel leather is essentially indistinguishable from cow leather in its appearance, its texture and its durability. In India, cows are considered sacred animals, so cow leather is off limits.
  • Since the collection is made by a real person, and is made from reclaimed material, the pieces can and will have "imperfections" — like a trace of chalk from Ganesh's pattern-drawing, a light mark on a part of leather or a light wearing of the leather from its time in reclamation transit. These are imperfections in appearance, not in functionality, and we find them endearing! We encourage you to embrace them, as they are quite literally the receipts we get for choosing to support #sustainablefashion.
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If you're prepared to go anywhere, and up for adventuring Everywhere, you're going to love — and live in — this bag.