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local motives

Although the town is small and relatively random, there is one thing that drew me in about Bac Ha and once I’d learned of it, I couldn’t turn back: The Bac Ha Market. People come from all over Vietnam, both locals and tourists (mostly locals) to visit Bac Ha Market which happens only on Sundays. Gets set up the night before and broken down on Sunday evening. You know I luvvv a market, so this was a must. I told Alex I was getting up at 7am to get there when it starts. When I got to the market they were selling harem-ish style pants with embroidery from local tribeswomen. I tried on a bunch of pairs to find the right...

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home alone

Heeey what up fam! I’m writing from….. the flight to Portugal. Meeting my family for vacation. Eeeek, a month in Vietnam really blew by. Can't believe it's already over. I wanted to write throughout, but I kept feeling like writing was taking me away from being entirely in the moment. So now that I'm stuck on a plane, I’m gonna cover a month's worth of shit right here. I feel like I’m writing a final paper the night before it’s due... which is how I write all literal and metaphorical final papers so this is perfect. Well lots happened in Vietnam. My stop-by-stop route looked like this: Hanoi Round 1—> Sapa (city center) —> Hau Thao (village 30 km from Sapa) —> Bac...

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Hey hey from Hanoi oi where the time is 5:19pm. I'm staying at a little hostel called Cocoon, in a 10 person dorm room. I had forgotten how smelly backpackers are. I did not forget how awesome they are and it's already been a blast meeting all these new peeps. Spent the day roaming around Hanoi. Crazy, hectic city. Motorbikes driving in every direction everywhere. People everywhere at all hours of the day and night. Beeping and shouting and selling and eating and drinking all around. I ate lunch at a super local joint... we're talking like, lady sitting on the sidewalk grilling on an open barbecue. No door, open to the street like a garage, and people are sitting...

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to hanoi in a handbag

Greetings from the Sydney airport, where the time is 6:48am (Wednesday) and my flight to Hanoi is apparently now at 2:15pm (Wednesday). I'm here 8 hours early.  I was originally booked on flight departing Sydney on Tuesday at 10:10pm. My itinerary was booked as: SYD --> 3 hour layover in TAIPEI (TAIWAN) --> HANOI (VIETNAM). Some of you may have heard that Typhoon Maria is hitting Taiwan at the moment.  I've learned a decent amount about climate and natural weather phenomena from traveling. For example, I learned the actual definition of a monsoon while in India. Did you know the only thing that distinguishes a typhoon from a hurricane is the region in the world in which it occurs? But yeah, Typhoon Maria is supposed to be pretty...

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here we go again :)

Aaand we're LIVE! Um, wow, making this website has been one of the most torturous and also liberating things I've ever done. So much freedom to create, so many options for customization. If you know me, you know I'm sweating every font and header style and color. Let's treat this site as permanently in beta because we can be sure I'm going to be finagling with things ongoing. I'm writing from Ned's Cafe in the South Yarra neighborhood of Melbourne, Australia. I've been in Australia for one week and will be traveling from here until the money runs out. I expect that'll be in 2-3 months but it depends on where I go. When I did my India/Nepal trip, my intention was...

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