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the last blog post that isn't

This morning I woke up from dreaming in Hindi. Which is hilarious, because I don’t speak Hindi.  Today I also became the CEO of a company. Admittedly it’s a self-appointed title -and technically an artificial one until I legally incorporate the company - but it's a title that I needed to adopt in order to have an answer the question “so what are you doing now that you’re back?”  I've got the idea and have already begun working, and this is a role I had to ‘officially’ assume in order to maintain a fire under my own ass.  More on this in a post coming soon. So, going back to my last week in India. I spent my last week in a beach town...

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Things that have happened / that I’ve felt / that I’ve noticed since being in the US: At a stall in the Union Square holiday market, I met Beggy, a total freakin hippie selling handicrafts from all over the world. He had a sign in the corner that read, Need help. Shining happy people who love life.  “Hello!” I said. “I’m a happy shining person who loves life, what kind of help do you need?”  “Ohhhh… yeahhhhh…” said Beggy. “...uhhh....I forgot I put that sign there! I already found someone... But come here.” Beggy then proceeded to hug me, full arms around me, for what seemed like two full minutes. And then he whispered in my ear, “I’m here with you, Allie....

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hello again

This morning I found a crumpled 200 rupees in my pocket. For reference, 200 rupees is enough to cover a pretty hearty ‘set breakfast’ meal (which comes with eggs, toast, tea or coffee, and usually some other thing like a fruit salad or hashbrowns), or a small souvenir like a tchotchke or t-shirt, or 10 bottles of mineral water. It’s not much - it’s like finding 5 dollars - but I was like, “yeah!!! found monaaayyy!”  It was a mini morning victory. It also signified to me how comfortable I have become here. Carelessly shoving money in my pockets? A far cry from the day in July when I dragged Lisa Marie to REI with me to buy two MORE...

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goan strong

Hello from the Bangalore* airport in south India, where I have been since the overnight bus arrived at 7AM and where I will still be until 3PM when I board my flight to Kochi, the capital of Kerala. Kerala is a state in the southwest of India, famous for its houseboats, tea plantations and beaches. A few weeks ago, I made a day trip from Delhi to the Taj Mahal and back, and then headed off for Goa, a state on the central western coast of India. Vallika had cooked paneer-butter-masala (my freakin favorite dish) for dinner the night before my flight and then gave me the leftovers to take on the plane the next morning. Felt super authentic eating Indian food...

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on coming home

On November 18, though I can hardly believe it… I’m comin’ back to NYC! Between November 20 and December 20, three very important people in my life are getting married: my cousin Amanda (Philly wedding), my best friend in the world and soul sista Chanellie Shoshanah Shapiro-soon-to-be-Horowitz (Turks & Caicos wedding woooot!), and my other cousin Courtney (NY wedding). On the bus last night, I was thinking back to my time in Rishikesh. I remember when I first arrived there in August. I was coming from Vallika and Sada’s place in Gurgaon, so Rishikesh was the first hostel I stayed at in India. When I settled in to my 6-person dorm room and went to wash my face in the...

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