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The Everywhere Bag in #BLACK

The Everywhere Bag in #BLACK

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Meet The Everywhere Bag in #BLACK: the original bag that started it all. Our best-selling style, this black-on-black piece goes with everything so it can go with you everywhere. Bold, sophisticated, elevated, elegant. A classic.

Each black scrap of leather is unique in texture and color. Some have green undertones, some have blue undertones, some have brown undertones. Some are grainier, some are smoother. Some are more structured, and some are more slouchy. They all read as "black," and they all look stunning with our gunmetal hardware. If you have a request for a specific piece of black leather, please leave a note when you place your order and we'll do our best to accommodate you.

PS: considering this as a gift? With our neutral gunmetal hardware that's neither gold nor silver, this is a guaranteed winner.


  • Material: Sustainably, locally sourced Camel Leather
  • Hardware: Gunmetal
  • Lining: Black Nylon
  • Dimensions: L 18'' x H 7''
  • Designed and 100% handmade by reign_wala x leather-wala Ganesh Das
  • Leather is hand-dyed in a large Indian drum in Tamil Nadu (south India)


  • Main compartment zip closure designed for essentials like your water bottle, umbrella, sunglasses case, scarf or thin layer, small notebook and more

  • Two frontside zip exterior pockets designed for your cell phone (fits Google Pixel XL, iPhone 10X) and smaller goodies like headphones, lip balm, hair ties, mints, keys

  • One backside zip exterior pocket designed for your passport and cash, so they're always against your person. Whichever way you rock the bag, you can travel all day and party all night without worrying about the safety of your valuables.

  • Adjustable cross-body/belt strap


  • Around the hips, like an oversized fanny pack 
  • Cross-body across the front of the chest
  • Cross-body across the back
  • Cross-body at the hip


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