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The Fanfare Necklace

The Fanfare Necklace

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Meet The Fanfare Necklace, designed by @reign_wala artisan Sunny K.

This is one of those pieces that's flattering on absolutely everyone. Not only do the charms remind us of old school fans, but we think the definition of "fanfare" -- a short ceremonial tune or flourish played on brass instruments, typically to introduce something or someone important -- is pretty appropriate for anyone rocking this piece.

The Fanfare Necklace can rest on or below the collarbone, or be worn higher on the neck as a choker.  The closure is adjustable so you can rock this piece however you like.

This necklace is 100% hand-knotted in Rajasthan, India. Made with hand-dyed, waxed nylon string and brass hardware.

The brass “fanfare” charm is created by pouring liquefied brass into a mold the shape of the charm. Once cooled, charms are removed from the mold and hand-brushed clean. Our brass charms contain no nickel, so they will never tarnish or turn your skin green.

reign_wala treats our artisans as true business partners by sharing a portion of the profits when goods are sold. thank you for supporting local makers and for being a part of the reign_wala tribe.


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