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The Good Karma Duster #37

The Good Karma Duster #37

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  • Material: 85-100% Silk. There are seven different kinds of silk, so textures vary slightly from piece to piece.
  • Dimensions: L 18'' x H 7''
  • Designed and made in partnership with our workshop partners in Pushkar, Rajasthan, India

Styling Inspo

  • Rock it over jeans or shorts with a solid tank/tee or a fitted long-sleeve
  • Throw it over a bathing suit on the beach
  • Dress it up with a belt and killer shoes
  • Wear it as a robe while being comfy at home
  • Add it to your Festival / Burning man wardrobe
  • It's so easy and breathable, you'll find even more ways to wear it

Keeping it real

  • We share 15% of the profits from your new Duster with our artisan partners in Pushkar
  • Measurements may vary from piece to piece by up to 1.5"
  • There is only ONE of each piece available. If you love this one, lock it down.


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Why people love it

  • Easy to throw over simple outfits
  • Can be dressed up or down
  • Super breathable — be covered without sweating like crazy 
  • Fab for soon-to-be and recent mamas
  • No matter how you rock it, your Good Karma Duster feels delicious every time you put it on and creates conversation wherever you go. Don't say we didn't warn you. :)
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