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The Khukuri Anklet

The Khukuri Anklet

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Meet The Khukuri. The Khukuri is named for its charm, which resembles the Indian/Nepalese version of the machete knife. The Khukuri knife — also occasionally spelled Kukri — is used in India to do everything from chop tough vegetables to hack loose coconuts off trees. It carries connotations of self sufficiency and strength.

This anklet/bracelet is 100% hand-knotted in Rajasthan, India. Made with hand-dyed, waxed nylon string and brass hardware.

The brass khukuri charm is created by pouring liquefied brass into a mold the shape of the charm. Once cooled, charms are removed from the mold and hand-brushed clean. Our brass pieces contain no nickel, so they will never tarnish or turn your skin green.

Closure is adjustable. Free size, fits most.

This piece takes six hours to make.

#reign_wala #MayTheArtisanReignSupreme

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