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The Mohan Bracelet

The Mohan Bracelet

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Meet The Mohan, a unisex piece for the wrist or ankle. It works just as well against a button-down shirt cuff as it does with a tan and a tank top.

The Mohan bracelet is named for a dear childhood friend of Sunny K, the artisan who designed this piece. Throughout the development of the reign_wala brand, Mohan – who is mostly referred to as Mohan-bhai (meaning Mohan-brother) – became a dear friend of our founder, too, and even offered his home in Pushkar to her when she visited the city for one of reign_wala's profit deliveries.

This piece is 100% hand-knotted in Rajasthan, India. Made with hand-dyed, waxed nylon string and brass hardware.

Our brass pieces contain no nickel, so they will never tarnish or turn your skin green. Ocean-proof, shower-proof.

Closure is adjustable. Free size.


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